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Gandhian School

  • This School is Recognised by Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is Affiliated to SSC Board. This school was founded in 1963 by Late Acharya Dr.Kesari Hanuman , M.A.,M.ED.,PhD. The school is run under the constitution of the Indian Educational & Cultural Academy with the following aims and objective.

    Aims & Objectives :

    1. To train children for life long education according to Indian Culture.

    2. To discover the talents of children and unfold them.

    3. To Spread the concept of Indian Education among parents.

    4. To train the children for Art, Music, Dance and Drama.

    5. To transform the children according to spirit of Indian constitution.

    6. To Spread the concept of Indian Education among parents.

  • Founder of Gandhian High school

  • Archarya Dr.Kesari Hanuman considered himself as a life long student of spiritual education. He was the direct disciple of his Holyness Swami Chinmayananda, the founder of chinmaya mission,Since 1956. In his Boyhood he was influenced by the teachings of Swami Dayanada,the founder of Arya Samaj.

  • In his adolescent life, he was influenced by Gandhian principles which he practised though-out his life.He was extension Lecturer for B.Ed. & MEd. students for ten years. He did graduation and Post graduation from Osmania University.He was awarded PhD.,Degree by Osmania University in 1986 for writing thesis on the subject " The Gita as a learning Process with reference to Modern Education". He had strived to spread the concept of humanity among all classes of people, particularly among Harijans, Girijans and Rural masses through his Musical Discourses and Spiritual Sadana camp.

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